Ab-Soul still remains TDE’s deep thinker as he shares a glimpse of what goes on in that mind of his on his new released track "W.W.S.D." (What Would Soul Do).

Soulo celebrates the success of his These Days tour with this touching track which features Jackson Browne’s “I’ve Been Out Walking” as a backdrop, and the country sound works perfect with Soulo’s loose rap-talk on this song.

When Jackson Browne sings "And I had a lover
I don’t think I’ll risk another these days…” Soul exclaims "F***!" that there even triggers something inside of me. RIP Alori Joh.

The melancholy track has Ab laying down pensive thoughts and deep parts of his soul within it’s brief verses. We find Soulo getting s*** off his mind, more than trying to impress rap critics on this one, and I love it. He’s giving us something we can feel.

Make sure you listen down below.

-Stace Fresh

SERVED FRESH: Joey Bada$$ Samples Snoop Dogg Classic on “Get Paid”


As Pro Era’s Joey Bada$$ kicks off his B4.DA.$$ Tour tonight in Connecticut, the young bed-stuy emcee drops a little gem for his listeners- "Get Paid".

Bada$$ uses a DJ Relly Rell production who samples Snoop Dogg’s classic “Murder Was the Case”.

Joey alongside Vince Staples & Pro Era members CJ Fly, Kirk Knight, & Nyck Caution, will be hitting the Observatory OC in Santa Ana, CA (my neck of the woods) October 18, so all my OC heads cop your tickets!

Other tour date listings can be found here.

"Get Paid" did not make the cut for the upcoming album B4.DA.$$, but it’s nonetheless a dope listen. Check it out.

-Stace Fresh

SERVED FRESH: Kendrick Lamar “i” Single


After releasing single artwork for "i" about a week ago (no Bobby Shmurda), Kendrick Lamar drops the greatly anticipated single showcasing a anthem for love of self.

The Rahki produced single samples the Isley Brothers “Who’s that Lady”, giving the track a nice acoustic, uplifting, funky feel. “i” begins with a pastor preaching about the young Compton lyricist in highest regards:

"We got a young brother to stand for something! We got a young brother that believe in the all of us! Brother Kendrick Lamar! He’s not a rapper, he’s a writer, he’s an author! And if you read between the lines, we’ll learn how to love one another! But you can’t do that…I said, you can’t do that—without loving yourself first."

K.Dot subtly opens up about trials and tribulations, among them, mentioning going to war with himself and battling depression. Although Kendrick depicts a war outside no one is safe from, he still takes a optimistic stand- The strong in me, I still smile.”

"i" is an empowering testimonial track from the TDE conglomerate, who’s message to the world is to love thyself, one another, and that your life is too precious to throw to waste (in all the different aspects of this phrase). 

The cover art of the single had me predicting that this track would be about peace on the streets, but seems as though Kendrick is seeing the world through different eyes and is now thinking global not local. 

I see this track going viral to great level like Pharrell’s “Happy”, by the sound and content on the track it seems as though that is the intent- to touch the masses, but I guess we just have to sit back and watch how much of an impact the 27 year old makes with this one.

Make sure you guys take a listen to "i" down below and share your thoughts on the track.

-Stace Fresh

SERVED FRESH: Yelawolf: Till It’s Gone


If you caught last night’s episode of Son’s Of Anarchy, then you got the first listen of Yelawolf's new single "Till It’s Gone".

"Till It’s Gone" premiered over the last few minutes of last night’s SOA “Toil and Till” episode and it perfectly depicted the essence of what went down this week on the FX tv series.

The single is featured on the Alabama rappers’ upcoming album, Love Story

"Till It’s Gone" is now available on iTunes.

-Stace Fresh